Week 2 – reflection

Being mindful about the unnecessary reaching of the phone was key.  I am more aware and use my phone less and less for social media – but know I see it as my key to knowledge – where I am usually reading or doing this course through the app.

During my commute I noticed I used it to watch downloaded tv – but my focus for next week – now I’ve finished the season – is to use one of my journeys (mornings so more alert)  to do study this or other courses rather than watch films.
Yes I will have to deal with the tunnels loosing my connections – but doing this each day should keep me on track to completing the weekly course.  This should allow my to reach my goal of giving time back to me.  (With the use of technology) I will make sure I do on the Mat exercises at home in a time-box – Not sure the commuters are ready for a moving yoga class!


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